North America

Grand Canyon Trip

May is the busiest month for backpacking into the canyon and this year is no exception. With fairly moderate temperatures and (usually) very little precipitation, plus the North Rim opening mid-May, people choose to visit the Inner Canyon during this month before the summer heat sets in. Beware though, the real heat is just around the corner and as temps reach into the nineties canyon explorers need to begin implementing proper “hiking-in-the-heat” strategies, such as being off the trail in the middle of the day when the heat is at its worst. So, please, stay out of the mid-day sun, rest often, drink plenty of electrolyte enhanced fluids, and eat salty foods while on the trail. Those are the things that save lives when the heat arrives (maybe we can make a safety jingle outta that little rhyming gem?!?). (more…)

The 4 most amazing trails in North America

#1. Break neck Ridge trail

It is located in Hudson where the River runs at its bottom side. This is a trail that is filled with all the beautiful creatures, plants and other natural rocks making its surrounding to be a special place to be. The trail is well managed and organized to give tourists the best time when they visit it. It has a walk along path, climbing path and a flat path where people can walk any time they feel like. (more…)