Potter Park Zoo

Potter Park Zoo, situated at the Potter’s Park in Lansing, Michigan, enveloping an area 102 acres of land is the oldest zoo of Michigan. Housing more than 160 species of animal, including birds, mammals, and reptiles, City of Lansing owns and cares the zoo, Ingham County operates the zoo.

Potter Park Zoo takes part in the conservation projects of endangered species with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, called the Species survival Plan. (more…)

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort & Spa, Michigan

Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa is the final destination for family ski vacation. Crystal Mountain serves the best skiing destination in Northern Michigan.

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort receives about 10inche of snowfall on average and if the fall is short sometimes then they have superb artificial snow bed arrangements. The resort boasts on 27 slopes, lighted for night skiing also at the peak season, 45 slopes downhill and 7 chairlifts. Crystal Mountain drops 375ft vertically. (more…)

Waterloo State Recreation Area, Michigan

Waterloo State Recreational Area or Park, enveloping a total area of 21,000 acres of land within its frontier, is the 3rd largest recreation park of Michigan. The park is in northeastern parts of Jackson County and part of it is in Washtenaw County as well. This park is the largest of its kind in Lower Peninsula. The recreation park has 11 lakes, 4 campgrounds, more than 50miles of multi-use trails and a discovery center.

The park has many private lands inside the campus. The recreation area has still have some bogs and swamps left in the area post the last ice-age. Waterloo Natural History Association funds many projects and serves to the state offered services. Waterloo Horsemen’s Association co-works with the state for the maintenance and promotion of the horse trails and horse camps in the park. (more…)

Ski Brule Snow Resort

Ski Brule Snow Resort Michigan had been rated one of the best snow resorts of Michigan by the guests. With 17 trails in the 150 acres terrain park, and operating for the maximum duration during the snow season, Ski Brule, Michigan, tops the chart in popularity among the snow activity enthusiasts. Get pampered with choices of cozy accommodation, great casual dining experience, thrilling winter and summer activities, and exciting events throughout the year at Ski Brule, Michigan. (more…)

3 cities you have to visit in Michigan

The state of Michigan has lots of things that are waiting for your exploration. All the attractions which are on display will cast their spell on you and you will never be able to forget them for a long time. Along with visiting those attractions, you can always find time to take part in some of the amazing and thrilling activities. The presence of these activities can make your traveling experience even attractive. (more…)