The 4 most amazing trails in North America

#1. Break neck Ridge trail

It is located in Hudson where the River runs at its bottom side. This is a trail that is filled with all the beautiful creatures, plants and other natural rocks making its surrounding to be a special place to be. The trail is well managed and organized to give tourists the best time when they visit it. It has a walk along path, climbing path and a flat path where people can walk any time they feel like.

#2.Glacier George

It is the best trail in the Rocky mountain national park. You can have the opportunity to see the beautiful rare creatures that exist in this region. It has big plants that are old, some of them have gone as far as a 100 years and you will have the opportunity to take photos with such unique things. This trail is located in the coolest environment with the best features natural view to make you feel at home while away from home.

#3. Appalachia Trail.

This is a hawk mountain where the environment is perfectly maintained to provide tranquility and luxury. You will have the opportunity to see the Lehigh valley which is known for its unique and mesmerizing nature. You will also see the blue rocks that have all the glittering nature in them making you to feel at home always.

#4. Mountain Whitney

It serves as a view point, where people can stand and see the far horizons and its contents. It has the highest peak that needs people to climb while guided by experienced people. The breeze and the green trees and grass make the place to appear so natural like nobody has stepped there before.


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